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LISOD: information worth to know

Recent attacks on critical infrastructure (may our enemies perish!) have shown how vulnerable we all are. It is particularly difficult to stay with no access to the information one needs due to...

December 23, 2022
What happens during your first chemotherapy treatment?

First chemotherapy treatment raises plenty of questions by the patient. How it goes and what to expect – these questions we asked Natalia Kasyan, Head of the LISOD chemotherapy...

December 13, 2022
MRI in LISOD. How it works

Hospital of Israeli Oncology LISOD operates a new MRI scanner. Neither COVID-19 pandemic, nor a full-fledged invasion or hostilities stopped us from installing and launching it. Since...

December 6, 2022

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Radiation therapy for breast cancer

Treatment of breast cancer is a complex and comprehensive process. To ensure the best result physicists must give regard to many things, including...

October 20, 2022