Phone no.

+38 (044) 277–8–277

(044) 277–8–277

(800) 50 51 58


27 Malyshko Str.,

Pliuty village, Obuhovskiy district,

Ukraine, Kyiv region 08720

4A Chornomorska Str., Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 58022


Our patients are examined by up-to-date equipment and the results are analysed by specialists from Israel.

Cancer diagnostics at LISOD are held in strict compliance with world standards. The hospital has everything necessary for this: qualified physicians, the newest equipment, and experienced assistant medical staff.

Clinical oncologists from Israel appoint only necessary diagnostic procedures in accordance with the protocol and direct the whole treatment routine.

The hospital has its own PET-CT machine. If necessary any patient can take a PET-CT examination to get adequate treatment and overcome their illness.

Our patients can take advantage of all kinds of contemporary diagnostics: mammographic research, computed tomography, nuclear medicine examinations, female genital system diagnostics, endoscopic and ultrasound examinations, and dermatoscopies. Specialised labs conduct various analyses: biochemical, hematological, immunological, microbiological, and cancer markers detection.

A highly qualified specialist performs endoscopies by applying the so called low-dosed anaesthesia which causes a short medication sleep. Endoscopic ultrasound is widely used to diagnose diseases of the digestive tract. Pathomorphological analyses are completed in leading certified labs in Germany.