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LISOD Hospital

LISOD Hospital

The LISOD Hospital is a top grade multi-field hospital which is also a member of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC, No. 2901) and an associated member of other global cancer fighting organizations. The hospital has been active in Ukraine since 2007.

The Hospital has departments of radio diagnostics, clinical diagnostics, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery and The Centre for Modern Mammology.

Since the opening day of the hospital, its staff has been made up of leading specialists from Israel and first-rate Ukrainian physicians. Professional oncologists treat each patient from the very beginning. The council of physicians makes the initial decisions that form the whole treatment plan. Patients receive all the required help in a single place, ranging from diagnostics and treatment to complete rehabilitation and recovery.

Up-to-Date Diagnostics

LISOD Hospital can boast a wide range of diagnostic opportunities: clinical and laboratory research on its own premises, diagnosis verification by partner labs abroad, ultrasound diagnostics, any kind of endoscopic examination, and nearly all types of radiological investigation (positron emission tomography, mammology, X-ray, and computed tomography). All the procedures and manipulations are painless and comfortable.

Effective Treatment

The hospital offers effective methods for cancer treatment. Our patients undergo radiotherapy, surgeries, chemotherapy, and glandular therapy.

The LISOD radiotherapy department is widely known in Ukraine and abroad. Its uniqueness has been preconditioned by the top radiology professionals from Israel led by oncologist Zvi Bernstein. The usage of the linear accelerators considerably decreases the degree of damage done to healthy organs and tissues.

The chemotherapy effectiveness has been achieved due to a number of important factors. The hospital is in constant cooperation with the companies producing chemotherapy medications which guarantees the quality of the latter. The patients are treated by experienced chemotherapy experts led by Israeli specialists. A huge contribution to the successful treatment is made up by correct chemotherapy protocols that comply with the international oncological standards.

Numerous experts believe that LISOD is the leader of less invasive and traumatic surgery both in Ukraine and in the post Soviet states. 99.8% of abdominal operations are performed via laparoscopic access. Among them are the most complicated oncological interventions. The surgeons of the hospital have performed over 20 unique operations for the first time in Ukraine.

The Centre for Modern Mammology runs diagnostics and treatment of both benign and malignant tumours of breasts. The centre specialists apply organ-sparing techniques, and in cases where a mastectomy cannot be avoided, performing a mammoplasty to reshape and modify the appearance of breasts.

Quality Service

LISOD is attended daily by hundreds of people, and every person is given the utmost attention. At all stages of the medical process patients are guided by physician-led personal administrators. Usually, clinical oncologists from Israel are responsible for personal treatment plans. Personal administrators are in charge of solving all organisational issues which simplifies the process greatly for the physicians. After all prescriptions are made, the physicians no longer need to guide them. Administrators end to this, and the physicians can devote most of their time to professional activities.

The LISOD Hospital is open for every single person who needs help. At the same time, keeping private health information confidential is of utmost importance to us. Varian Company has localised special software for our hospital, which is now applied to run all medical processes and provides doctor-patient confidentiality.