Phone no.

+38 (044) 277–8–277

(044) 277–8–277

(800) 50 51 58


27 Malyshko Str.,

Pliuty village, Obuhovskiy district,

Ukraine, Kyiv region 08720

4A Chornomorska Str., Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 58022


The LISOD Hospital offers consultations held by outstanding Israeli oncologists and an oncological gynecologist who is also a doctor of medicine and head physician of the hospital.

The patients can receive professional advice and help if:

  • it is necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis to confirm or challange oncological case;
  • if a tumour is found in any part of the body (skin, head and neck, lungs, mediastinum, genital system, digestive tract, brain etc.) it is necessary to make a diagnosis, work out a treatment plan, and fulfill it.

Physicians carry out examinations, study the documents, and prescribe diagnostics. Relying on the diagnostics results, a team of specialists makes a decision about what treatment tactics are needed while considering the individual characteristics of the patient and the world standards. During his/her second visit to the oncologist, a patient is inforned of our physicians’ decision with a clearly formulated treatment plan.

If the patient has no possibility to visit the consultation personally, it can be completed remotely, using his/her documents. In order to follow this procedure one has to submit all the available medical examinations results, detailed information on the treatment already taken or just prescribed, and a treatment regimen. After the patient sends his/her documents, a Skype or phone consultation can be scheduled. This way, the help of a qualified oncologist from Israel is accessible to anyone regardless of his/her whereabouts.