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Physical and Psychological Rehabilitation

Traditional medicine

The LISOD Hospital can boast of its own rehabilitation and aftercare centre. Recovery programmes in various aspects are developed individually for each patient.

Depending on the situation, a range of highly-specialized experts can be involved: therapists, endocrinologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, and instructors in rehabilitation and strengthening exercises. They take care of their patients both throughout the treatment process and later on. Medical support helps to avoid complications, recover all the bodily functions and systems, and return to an active lifestyle.

A psychologist frequently consults with patients while they undergo their treatment until the very end of it. A psychology training group is active on a permanent basis at the hospital and it is open for all who would like to join it. An expert masseuse from India has been employed by the LISOD Hospital for a while. Ayurvedic massages facilitate in deep relaxation, body detoxification, immunity strengthening, and breathing and heart rhythm stabilization. As a result, multi-aspect pain is considerably lessened or totally removed and the overall state of patient’s health is improved.