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Centre for Modern Mammology

Since 2009, there has been a Centre of modern mammology at LISOD.

The Centre for Modern Mammology has been active in the Hospital since 2009. This certified centre complies with all the criteria of the European Society of Breast Cancer Specialists (EUSOMA) and is registered at the Breast Centres Network.

The diagnostics and treatment of benign and malignant tumours of breasts is conducted in accordance with international standards. Every woman is given maximum attention. The main aim and task of the staff is to cure the patient while keep their attractiveness.

The choice of the treatment method depends on the patient’s age, disorder stage, tumour structure, and rapidness of its growth. The success is established by the integral approach which is an optimal combination of several methods:

  • surgery;
  • radiotherapy;
  • chemotherapy.

The specialists of the centre apply organ-sparing treatment: they try to spare the breast as much as possible while conducting surgeries. If radical removal is necessary, further mammoplasty is performed to reshape and modify breasts.

In accordance with international practice pertaining to the leading mammology centres LISOD patients are offered the whole range of reconstruction surgeries.

Single stage this surgery is performed at once after the malignant tumour is removed during the primary operation.

Delayed surgery once the oncological stage of the operation is performed, the patient is then required to go through an integral treatment programme, after which a reconstruction surgery will take place in one or several stages.

The final option for the reconstruction (a single-stage operation or a delayed one) is made by the patient together with her attending physician. This choice is usually conditioned by the specific disorder, overall body state, and general treatment plan.

Reconstructive surgeries also differ in respect to the types of the tissues used.

Autogenous of tissues or own body tissues

These could be:

  • local tissues of the mammary gland which are moved to hide the defect;
  • patches with feeding vessel, including skin, subcutaneous fat, and muscles taken from near or distant areas of the skin;
  • grafts (transplants), vacant skin areas with feeding vessels which are transplanted onto a new location with blood circulation restored by blood vessel being sewn into this new location;
  • fat graft which is fat tissue suspension removed using liposuction from the areas where there is excessive storage of it and injected into breasts.

Allotransplantation tissues, temporary or permanent implants

Implants are introduced to fill in the defect after the breast or part of it is removed. Temporary implants can change their volume by means of filling in or emptying the implant through a regular syringe and physiologic saline. They are replaced by permanent implants which contain silicone gel in a special silicone covering. They can safely remain in tissues for many years.

The reconstructive operations are meant for women to avoid psychological trauma due to the deformation of a breast or its loss.

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