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The hospital uses effective methods for treatment of various types of cancer. Patients may undergo radiation therapy, surgery, chemotherapy, and treatment with hormonal agents. Complex treatment of cancer in LISOD is monitored by clinical oncologists. They prescribe diagnostic procedures, develop a treatment plan as a board of doctors, supervise the patient during all types of therapy, and determine the options for rehabilitation.

Radiation Therapy

LISOD Hospital has concentrated its efforts to conduct radiation therapy in the most effective way possible. The staff is made up of top specialists who have work experience in leading international centres, highly qualified technical assistants, and medical physicists. The radiation therapy department can boast of having Varian Linear Accelerators (USA), the newest type of equipment.

In accordance with international standards, the protocol assumes two types of radiation therapy: external beam radiation therapy and/or brachytherapy.

While conducting external beam radiation therapy the patient is exposed to the beams of photons and electrons (60 sessions per day). Two linear accelerators provide running, zero delay trouble-free procedures in case any of them should undergo scheduled maintenance. This fact contributes to the high quality of treatment, according to the protocol.

Brachytherapy is applied in cases a treatment on various localized tumours is necessary such as on the uterine cervix, mammary gland, soft tissues, skin etc. Brachytherapy takes less than one hour a time. The radiation is done with injections or applicator placements and is comfortable and painless for patients. Usually there are no considerable side effects in cases of brachytherapy. It is applied both in combination with external beam radiation therapy and independently as treatment means. LISOD Hospital experience is established by internationally renowned medical centres and has shown that brachytherapy effectiveness can be compared to treatment by surgery methods and external beam radiation therapy.

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Surgery treatment at the LISOD Hospital is less traumatic and organ-sparing. The clinic has been equipped with two operating rooms containing laparoscopy apparatus. Ninety-nine per cent of operative intrusions in the abdomen and chest are performed via laparoscopic access: both oncological (bowels, liver, kidneys, stomach, female genital system, and prostate cancer cases) and non-oncological (gall bladder and kidneys diseases, abdominal hernia, obesity, gynaecological disorders, non-neoplastic processes in the stomach, and reflux diseases).

The LISOD Hospital was the first hospital in Ukraine to perform unique laparoscopic operations such as partial nephrectomy (2009), pulmonary lobectomy (2010), radical prostatectomy (2010), radical surgery for cervical cancer (2010), radical hysterectomy or Wertheim-Meigs operation (2010), paraaortic lymph node dissection (2010), neoureterocystostomia (2010), gastrectomy with D2 lymph node dissection (2011), transhiatal esophagectomy (2011), esophagectomy with right-sided coloplasty (2011), ileal conduit urinary diversion or Bricker operation (2011), partial pancreatectomy (2012), radical cyst- and prostatectomy (2012), pelvic exentration (2012), ileal conduit urinary augmentation (2012), right-sided hemihepatectomy (2013), pancreaticoduodenal resection (2013), transthoracic esophagectomy (2013).

Nowadays, such operative intrusions are considered to be standard at the hospital.

The certified Centre for Modern Mammology performs all kinds of surgery in cases of breast cancer and medical mammoplasty. Depending on the situation, the patients can avail of both single-stage operations and delayed ones. To recover breast shape, both the patient’s own tissues and implants (either temporary or permanent) are used.

The specialists at the hospital share their experience with the colleagues from Ukraine, near and abroad. Master classes broadcasting surgeries online have become a good tradition by the hospital. The main aim of these events is to bring the knowledge and skills of the LISOD professionals to the wide medical audience. Its final target is to achieve maximal effectiveness of surgery treatment in Ukraine and abroad.

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The chemotherapy treatment at The LISOD Hospital is performed in strict accordance with international protocols. The chemotherapy department staff was trained in Israeli clinics and western medical centres. The whole treatment process is controlled by specialists from Israel.

We use original medications manufactured by the world leading pharmaceutical companies. Targeted therapy is also widely applied.

The protocols are calculated automatically, and medication dosage is verified by the physicians and hospital pharmacists. The chemotherapy medication solutions are made solely by pharmacists, in special labs equipped in accordance with all safety demands. Ready solutions are transported from the lab to the wards by a special elevator.

Any LISOD patient can be present in the lab while his/her individual procedure is prepared. We highly recommend taking advantage of such an opportunity. Our experience shows that witnessing processes such as this makes patients more calm and confident.

The chemotherapy department has advanced equipment to improve control of the speed and course of medications administrated. Infusion pumps provide an accurate concentration of injected medications in blood and tissues.

In case of short-term chemotherapy treatment, patients are treated in comfortable conditions at the day-time facility in comfortable chairs with massage options.

The chemotherapy department has 50 wards (each containing 1-2 persons), 10 of which can be used for day-time patients.

the high professionalism of physicians, high quality of medications, and compliance with international protocols provide for an effective treatment.

Port-A-Cath Insertion at LISOD

Port-A-Cath is a small device that is installed beneath the skin as a kind of catheter for multiple injections of medication intravenously. This is so the patient does not feel any discomfort when a therapy programme demands frequent and prolonged injections.


  • full implantation under the skin with no cosmetic defects; no discomfort for daily routine (e.g. shower, swimming);
  • possibility for frequent intravenous injections for a prolonged period of time;
  • injections are painless;
  • quick removal of the appliance when it is no longer needed.
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Hospital Admission

During permanent stays in the hospital, patients can enjoy comfortable wards housing 1-2 persons. A centralized air conditioning system creates an optimal personalized environment and climate. Included in each ward is a plasma video set with satellite TV, Wi-Fi, and a personal telephone. Antimicrobial air filtration is present in all rooms. Special attention is awarded to meals. Menus are compiled in a personalised way, taking into account patient’s wishes and specialist’s recommendations depending on the diagnosis.

An individual approach is guaranteed to each patient by highly qualified assistants and nursing staff. The nursing unit is working 24/7. Every patient is also treated by a physical recovery instructor.

The surgery department has an anesthesiology and intensive care unit. Its main task is to provide safe and comfortable conditions for various invasive operations and surgeries. The department offers advanced equipment for monitoring.

In conclusion, the permanent-stay department at LISOD Hospital has comfortably customised everything it has for a better recovery for the patients.

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