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Please, meet Eli Sapir, a radiation oncologist (Israel)

April 20, 2023

Todate, we would like to share a wonderful news! One of the most renowned doctors of Israel Eli Sapir joined the team of  LISOD radiation therapy.

Main facts about the doctor


Dr. Sapir has an extensive clinical experience of treating a variety of cancer illnesses, he is considered one of Israel's leading experts in head and neck tumors. Was among the first in Israel and the world to start practicing extracerebral radiosurgical treatment, as well as stereotaxic radiosurgery in tumors of the liver, pancreas, and lungs.

He leads a number of clinical R&D activities having as their goal to improve treatment results and enhance quality of life in cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy.

During a visit doctor always mentions to the patients that in LISOD they can receive the most up-to-date treatment. Radiation therapy is effective in many types of cancer and increases the chances of overcoming a serious illness. Planning of treatment is tailored for each patient, and is based on a variety of details thus ensuring that radiation therapy is extremely precise.

Background and experience

Outpatient Oncology Clinic Deputy, radiation oncologist in Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Centre, Jerusalem, Israel.

Two years of clinical and research fellow, Radiation Oncology Department of the University of Michigan, USA . Currently Dr.Sapir is the Head of Radiation Oncology Institute , Samson Assuta Ashdod University Hospital and Chairman of the National Israeli Radiation Oncology Group

Cooperation with LISOD

As from now, Eli Sapir is the curator of LISOD radiation therapy department.

He joins the tumor board that plans the tactics of radiation treatment for every patient in the hospital. That is why everyone who comes to LISOD can be sure: they are in the hands of the best and most experienced experts.

For the Ukrainian patients, this is a great opportunity to get treatment of Israeli standards and principles while staying in their home country.

To make an appointment with LISOD call 0-800-500-110, toll-free Ukraine wide;


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