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Cancer Treatment in Quarantine. Risk or Chance?

April 10, 2020

For many years we have been saying that the earlier a cancer is diagnosed, the better the chances of recovery. It's easy to explain. If treatment does not start in time, the tumor continues to grow and the disease progresses. If the treatment has already started, it is also not recommended to stop it for several months, as it will not allow achieving the results that can be counted on undergoing a continuous course of therapy. This is why oncologists from different countries emphasize that the pandemic coronavirus is not a reason to stop or cancel cancer treatment. However, at this time it should be carried out with special precautions for patients.

 Cancer has no vacation or recess, and most cancer patients currently undergoing treatment cannot wait several months for the situation to return to their usual rhythm. LISOD physicians continue to provide full-service cancer diagnosis and treatment services. Hospital specialists follow the latest recommendations of the world's leading cancer associations and societies (ASCO, ESTRO, etc.), adhere to the requirements of international protocols and assist those who need immediate procedures and surgeries.

 The hospital has all departments working. Radiation and chemotherapy are carried out, various surgical interventions are performed: endoscopic surgeries, organ-preserving and oncoplastic surgeries on the mammary gland, laparoscopic surgeries on the abdominal organs (oncological and non-oncological), urological interventions, etc. We are doing everything so that people can get the necessary treatment and return to normal life.

 So, who can be treated at LISOD during quarantine? This is every patient who is diagnosed with a serious illness.

 * Patients who have just learned about cancer diagnosis.

 * Patients who have started cancer treatment before quarantine.

 * Patients who have relapsed cancer and receive palliative care.

 * Patients with non-cancer pathologies requiring surgery on abdominal organs.

 We want to make it clear that we are also ready to help patients who have started cancer treatment abroad but are now unable to reach foreign clinics. Thanks to video technology, foreign doctors can participate in the consultation of our specialists, and together we will determine the next steps in the treatment and continue the necessary therapy.

 LISOD doctors introduce the experience of international medical experts and follow the MOH's guidelines for dealing with cancer patients in the context of a coronavirus pandemic. The treatment strategy is determined individually for each patient, taking into account the risks and features of the particular disease. The hospital takes anti-epidemic measures, strictly monitors the health of patients and professionals. Undergoing Cancer Treatment at LISOD — Safe!

 Details of treatment — by phone:

 0-800-500-110 — free of charge in Ukraine;

 + 38-044-277-8-277 —  daily from 8am to 8pm.

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