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What you need to know about breast cancer

May 20, 2020

* This is not your fault

 The occurrence of breast cancer cannot be prevented. The two main causes of the development of the disease are female gender and age. The older we get, the higher the risk of cancer. None of these reasons can be influenced, so you do not need to look for those responsible.

 Excess weight, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption can slightly increase the risk of the disease, but thin women who do not drink alcohol and do not smoke can also get cancer.

 * Each tumor is unique

 Breast cancer is a neoplasm that occurs in the breast. Moreover, each specific disease can have features that affect both treatment and the further prognosis.

 Depending on where the tumor appeared, the cancer may be lobular or ductal. The neoplasm can have positive or negative hormone receptors (estrogen, progesterone) and the epidermal growth factor HER2/neu.

More information about the molecular subtypes and pathological gradation of breast cancer is here:

 * Not everyone needs chemotherapy, hormone therapy and radiation

 There are various protocols for treating breast cancer. The optimal tactic is based on taking into account the size of the tumor, its features, the presence of distant metastases.

If the tumor has positive hormone receptors or HER/neu, appropriate drugs will be prescribed.

 Chemotherapy is something that women try to avoid, because they painfully perceive the idea of hair loss. In fact, today it is one of the most effective cancer treatment methods, and modern accompanying therapy helps to improve the well-being of a woman during this period.

 Radiation therapy on linear accelerators allows you to make the necessary treatment as safe and effective as possible. Thus, the tumor receives the maximum dose, and the surrounding organs do not suffer from exposure.

 * Breast can be saved

 When a woman is told about her diagnosis, she is primarily afraid of losing her femininity and beauty. And surgery does not always mean that it is a complete removal of the breast.

 Now preference is given to organ-preserving interventions. If the size and characteristics of the tumor allow, only that part of the mammary gland where the tumor is located is removed. A biopsy of the sentinel lymph node, which is performed directly during the main surgery, helps to make the intervention less traumatic and preserve the lymph nodes if they do not have metastases.

 But if surgeons have to undergo a mastectomy (complete removal of the mammary gland), oncoplastic surgeries can restore female beauty and even make the breast more attractive than before.

 * It is important to move

 There are studies pointing to the benefits of exercise for women with breast cancer. Activity reduces the likelihood of relapse, and also helps to better relieve the side effects of chemotherapy. In addition, moderate exercise improves mood, and this is especially important for women who find themselves in a difficult situation.

 * Sexual life is possible

Breast cancer can affect sexual life, because the disease and treatment worsen the psychological mood of the patient. And that is understandable. If a woman loses her mammary gland, for her it is a tragedy. Chemotherapy hair loss can also cause depression.

 But, in any case, neither surgery, nor hair loss, nor weight change during treatment can destroy love, if there is one, and should not be an obstacle to sex.

 A woman and her partner just need to get used to the changes in the body caused by surgery or menopause.

 * Cancer may return

 Unfortunately, no one is safe from relapse. The greatest probability of its occurrence is in the first five years after the treatment. That is why during this period regular monitoring of the state of health of a woman is carried out. In the first year of the examination, they are prescribed every three months, later the interval between visits to the doctor increases.

 * Breast cancer is not treated with diet or dietary supplements

 The use of one food and the exclusion of another does not affect the risk of relapse. No need to completely exclude sugar from the diet. It is useful to follow a healthy balanced diet - it improves mood and well-being, and also allows you to control weight (it is known that overweight can increase the risk of relapse and lead to cardiovascular disease). However, if you occasionally want to eat a piece of cake, candy or drink a glass of champagne — do not deny yourself and do not feel guilty.

 Breast cancer is a serious disease that can be cured if you turn to oncologists in time. Among women whose disease is diagnosed at an early stage, after treatment, 98% will be healthy. But do not waste time experimenting and taking dubious drugs, dietary supplements, tinctures of herbs or mushrooms, soda, hydrogen peroxide, and everything else that is offered on online forums. Cancer should be treated by oncologists according to international protocols — this gives hope for recovery and a significant extension of life.

 Consult LISOD oncologists:

 0-800-500-110 free of charge in Ukraine;

 + 38-044-277-8-277 daily from 8.00 to 20.00.

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