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URO-2019: a Symbiosis of Useful and Pleasant

May 31, 2019

Most likely, when it comes to the conference, a picture immediately arises in the imagination: participants in business suits, speeches at the podium, the honorable presidium ... Of course, most often it happens. But sometimes serious events go beyond the "standards", and the program contains unexpected elements.

We believe that the oncologist, the surgeon-urologist of LISOD Sergey Prindyuk was lucky: at the conference "Urology, Andrology, Nephrology 2019", held in Kharkov, there was time not only for the scientific part, but also for sports entertainment. And it really was bright and unforgettable - a real football championship among urologists of Ukraine took place! “It was incredible and emotional,” Sergei Ivanovich shared his impressions. The team from Kiev, which our doctor entered, eventually won second place, losing to specialists from Lviv.

And after such a rich acquaintance to listen to the reports was much more interesting! Sergey Pryndyuk presented his own cases to his colleagues: “A report on our experience of trimodal therapy in the treatment of bladder cancer interested delegates, therefore, the Israeli Oncological Hospital LISOD is in trend! Interesting reports, pleasant communication, and sincere hospitality of the organizers. We are preparing for the next conference tournament!"

As you can see, doctors can be united not only by the desire for knowledge, but also by the thirst for victory. Therefore, let the daily victories in the fight against serious diseases are easy. And let the score in this fight will always be in favour of the patient!

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