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February 5, 2019

Preparing a surgeon is not a matter of one day or even several years. This is a permanent study, training and exchange of experience, as well as the application of new knowledge in their daily medical practice. At LISOD Hospital, the onco-mammology school has been operating for four years, under which leading oncologists share their experience in treating breast cancer with their Ukrainian colleagues. We have unique knowledge and experience, and we want other doctors to improve their level as well.

And here it is – great news! In February, for the first time, an international practical course will take place at LISOD, which will be attended by foreign surgeons-oncologists – six participants from Poland and three from Latvia. These are mostly young specialists, but there are also doctors with extensive experience of breast cancer surgery. The course is organized jointly with Polish colleagues, under the aegis of the Central Eastern European consortium of Breast Surgeons, and is dedicated to oncoplastic reconstructive surgery as part of multidisciplinary breast cancer treatment. Besides, the co-organizer is the international pharmaceutical company Allergan, which produces high quality breast implants. Support of constant innovations and growth opportunities is one of the company's top priorities in research and development.

“We are proud that Ukraine very actively and from the very beginning joined the creation of the Consortium, - says oncologist, surgeon, head of LISOD Breast Center Andrii Zhygulin. – An international practical course for surgeons-oncologists in our hospital is part of this large project. We want to show our experience, which, as we have already seen, is interesting for colleagues from different countries. This will be our first similar English-language course on practical issues of oncoplastic surgery. However, it is not only about surgery, but about a multidisciplinary approach. We will consider issues of histological diagnosis, genetics of breast cancer, radiation therapy, and rehabilitation of patients after surgery. We will show our experience and approaches.”

The course will last five days. It will include theoretical lectures, seminars, and work in the operating room. The lecturers will be LISOD doctors, in addition, experts from the CSD laboratory will be invited to give presentations on genetics, cytology and histology. The classes are designed to show and discuss as much as possible all the technical nuances associated with surgery.

“Colleagues will be able to see from the inside the whole range of surgical interventions that are performed in patients with breast cancer in our hospital,” said Andrii Valentynovych. “And we hope very much that these new contacts will be very effective for the further development of surgery, for introducing new technologies, new advances and improving the overall level of treatment for patients diagnosed with breast cancer.”

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