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Timely and Accurate Diagnostics is the Formula of Life

May 15, 2019

At the first sign of any disease, many of us diagnose ourselves on our own, based on our own experience or information on the Internet. However, here you need to be very careful, because by self-healing, you cannot notice a complex disease. It should also be borne in mind that especially "insidious" diseases can develop for a long time without causing a person to have complaints and not showing symptoms. Only correct and timely diagnosis can reveal the problem in time; it is really crucial for the course of the disease and its treatment.

- Today, ultrasound (US) is one of the most accessible and informative diagnostic methods. These diagnostic procedures, without exaggeration, are leaders in terms of frequency of use in various areas of clinical medicine,” says Boris Derkach, leading doctor of ultrasound diagnostics at the Israeli Oncology Hospital LISOD. - Our hospital uses expert-class equipment that is equipped with various types of sensors, which allows for all types of ultrasound studies: the thyroid gland, abdominal organs, pelvic organs, kidneys, bladder, mammary glands, neck, testicles, heart, soft tissues and etc.

In the hospital LISOD ultrasound diagnostics of the vessels is also conducted, which allows assessing the condition of the vascular wall, the nature and speed of blood flow. Simply put, the doctor can see the vessels under investigation, assess the sites of their constrictions, blockages or, on the contrary, enlarged areas, as well as determine the presence of blood clots in them, atherosclerotic plaques, and blood flow disorders.

- Features of this method of diagnosis is that it is equally informative for both large and small vessels. Both arterial and venous blood circulation is investigated.

Compensatory capabilities of blood flow are evaluated; the presence of anomalies of the structure and course of the vessels (tortuosity, bends, aneurysms); the presence and severity of arterial spasm; Boris Vadimovich shares his knowledge of the likelihood of squeezing an artery from the outside - by new formations, muscles or vertebrae. Due to the universality of the method, in LISOD, it is possible to examine the vessels of the following organs and systems: head and neck vessels, vessels of the upper and lower extremities, aorta, renal arteries, vessels of the penis and scrotum.

It is important to remind that in our hospital, any necessary ultrasound diagnosis can be passed by anyone. And for the person with the suspicion on cancer this is just necessary.

- Very often there are cases that patients with a misdiagnosed diagnosis come to us. And the reason is not the equipment at which the survey was carried out, - Boris Derkach is sure. - The equipment may be very high class, but if the doctor is not sufficiently qualified, he may simply not see the pathology or misinterpret what he sees. And in cases of the initial stages of cancer, an incorrectly conducted study can have fatal consequences. The doctor of ultrasound, who takes daily cancer patients, has extensive clinical experience. It is much easier for him to recognize a serious illness, correctly interpret the results and give appropriate recommendations for further tactics.

Timely and properly made diagnostics is half the success in treating any disease. Each of us understands the importance of professional diagnostics. But for this, it is not enough just to have good equipment, we need real experts who can accurately decipher the results and not make a mistake!

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