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The Trust of Colleagues is Above All!

November 29, 2019

"Among the many areas that I deal with, one of the main ones is the treatment of hernias of various localization, and I perform operations mainly with laparoscopic access. And by the will of fate, I myself ran into this problem. When I had to decide where to be operated on, I unconditionally chose LISOD and Sergey Baido,” — says Alexey Vitalievich. — I have known Sergei Viktorovich for more than 10 years, and I can absolutely reliably claim that he is one of the best surgeons on the planet, even if it sounds grandiloquent to someone, but it really is".

 According to our guest, the operation lasted only 30 minutes and was performed flawlessly.

 "I do 2-3 surgeries every day, and I know this "kitchen" from the inside. I didn’t doubt the professionalism of Sergey Viktorovich, but, of course, there were certain concerns about general anesthesia, pain killing, withdrawal after anesthesia, — says Alexey Abolmasov,  But thanks to the work of such a professional as the head of the department of anesthesiology and resuscitation Vladimir Zhuk, I just “sweetly fell asleep” and woke up easily. Many thanks to the team of anesthetists, surgeons, all the hospital staff and, of course, special thanks to Sergey Baido for his skill!"

 Aleksei Valerievich spent only a couple of hours in the hospital, because one of the advantages of laparoscopic intervention was a quick recovery of the patient, and the next day he invited Sergei Viktorovich to the operating theatre as a colleague. Watching the work of the surgical team, he noted that many minimally invasive interventions that are performed routinely at the LISOD hospital are considered very difficult in most medical institutions not only in Ukraine but also in other countries, not every doctor will undertake their implementation. And there are surgeries that, except for Sergey Baido and his team, are not performed by anyone anywhere else in the world.

"Therefore, if you are told to remove a hernia or appendicitis, I’m not talking about complex oncological diseases, answer that you will do it in LISOD!",— aid our guest goodbye.

 And we remind you that you can make an appointment with the oncologist, surgeon, deputy chief medical officer for surgical work at LISOD Sergey Baido by phone:

 0 (800) 500-110 – free-of-charge over Ukraine;

 +38 (0440 277-8-277 – daily from 8.00 am till 8.00 pm.

 Entrust your health to professionals!

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