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The 3rd Congress of CEEBCSC

August 13, 2021

Breast cancer remains the most common cancer among Ukrainian women. With the development of science, doctors have new opportunities for its treatment, respectively, improving the prognosis for patients. Specialists strive not only to conduct successful treatment, but also care about the quality of life of patients. That is why the emphasis in surgery is significantly shifted - doctors care not only about the cancer outcome, but also about aesthetics.

We want to share with Ukrainian doctors who are directly involved in the surgical treatment of breast cancer, the best world experience, show examples, talk about the nuances. So we are happy to invite you to a bright and eventful event - the 3rd Congress of CEEBCSC (Central and Eastern European Consortium for Breast Surgery). The Congress will take place on October 15-16, 2021 at the Israeli Oncological Hospital LISOD, which is one of the co-founders of CEEBCSC and one of the BRESO training centers.

Speakers are leading European and world experts in the field of breast cancer treatment, in particular Prof. Philippe Poortmans (Belgium), prof. Roy De Vita (Italy), prof. Christoph Andree (Germany), prof. Alexander Blidaru (Romania), David Murava (Poland), Artur Avetisyan (Armenia), Agnieszka Kolyachynska (Poland), Oleg Savenkov (Ukraine) and many others. The ideological inspirer is Andrii Zhygulin, surgeon, oncologist, head of the Center for Modern Mammology LISOD.

We would like to note that during the congress there will be no boring long reports with excursions into history and explanations of things that are clear to everyone. The event is designed to show the most interesting cases, outline the most promising techniques, give impetus to your development and improvement!

We want the Congress to become a platform for open and interesting professional communication between surgeons operating on the breast. So we invite you to join us in the atmosphere of the right modern mammology, which will inspire you to implement in your own practice the world's best strategies and methods of breast cancer treatment.

Given the global COVID-19 pandemic, the event will take place online, so all it takes to become a listener is stable Internet access. Visas, borders, distances do not matter - thanks to modern technologies we can communicate and understand each other without any restrictions!

Participation in the event is free, so register yourself and invite colleagues. We want to share our passion for achieving the best results in the treatment of breast cancer. Join, it will be interesting and useful!

The language of the event is English. Simultaneous translation into Russian will be performed.

You can register and get acquainted with the program by following the link:

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