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Surgery that cares about patient

November 5, 2022

Another fact is that todate, there are no restrictions on laparoscopic surgery. Minimally invasive techniques are good in case of any diseases of the abdominal cavity, cancer or non-cancer.

Oh yeah! Here comes a shout from the crowd: "How come a surgeon can decently see things through tiny incisions?! Don't make us laugh! We could understand if it was a large incision, here at least the surgeon is sure he does not cut off too much!"

Do you know what happens actually? The laparoscopic surgeon can see the surgical area through the miniature cameras, while image displayed on surgery suit’s screen is ten times as large! No traditional surgical technique provides such precision! The laparoscopic surgeon preserves the finest and thinnest adjacent healthy structures such as, nerves. This makes a lot of difference for a quality of life of the patient in the postoperative period.

"Do not mind the scar, it is no big deal, what matters is getting cured!",- some often think.

However, the advantage of minimally invasive surgery is also a much sooner recovery! Patient spares several weeks in bed. No fear of coughing so the stitches would not come apart, no unbearable pain or tons of painkillers.

On the same or following day after laparoscopic surgery person begins to walk, handles personal things and makes special exercises! And just in a few week time, they are totally back to their usual life, only with some small restrictions (we do not recommend lifting heavy things).

It is particularly important in war times when intervention is an urgency and there is no time for lengthy stay in the hospital. Often, patients after laparoscopic surgery can go home the day after operation.

And about scars, during laparoscopic surgery several small skin punctures are made. Some of them surgeon can "hide" in the navel or make them over previous interventions areas. Sometimes the operation is performed via natural openings in the body this way leaving no slightest mark on the skin. If modern technologies can take care of the health but aesthetics, what is the use of making it more complicated with large scars?

Laparoscopic surgery is good for any surgical problems and has plenty of advantages for the patient.

Surely enough there is a "but" to it.

A doctor who performs laparoscopic surgery must be a professional. Otherwise, the result may be not as one expected.

LISOD’s team of surgeons has an extensive experience of successful laparoscopic operations, no matter the complexity - endometriosis, cholecystitis, prolapse of the uterus, apoplexy of the ovary, intestinal obstruction, acute appendicitis, familial polyposis, fibromyoma, hernia, stomach ulcer, obesity, kidney formations, as well as malignant tumors (ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, liver damage, kidney cancer , bladder cancer, colorectal cancer, uterine cancer, extra organ tumors of abdominal cavity, other).

Leading the LISOD surgical team is a surgeon, oncologist, Surgery Vice Chief, Ph.D (Medicine), Serhiy Baido. A man of unique knowledge. An expert for whom anything is possible. A true Master of laparoscopic surgery! A professional capable of operating on any internal organ, not just gynecology or urology.

So if you need to "go under the knife" , choose modern technologies and a expert of flawless knowledge.


To make an appointment with LISOD:

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