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Hippotherapy in Action!

September 1, 2014 - NEWS

In LISOD, a rehabilitation program is part of the complete medical process.

A psychological support group has been working in the clinic for several years. There is a psychologist available for any of our patients.

Especially popular are the group lessons for patients at The Center for Modern Mammology. Women there are grateful for the care of the clinic - they are the center of attention both during treatment and after its completion.

Regular activities with a psychologist are an alternative to the outdoor events. Dance and drawing lessons have already been given to the group members, and the patients and a professional make-up artist have mastered the art of applying makeup. But the month of August was a memorable one for women. They visited the equestrian club "The Riding” with psychologists, where the riding instructor taught her new pupils how to ride a horse. For many of them it was their first time in their lives.

An experienced riding instructor talked about the benefits of hippotherapy, selected a horse for every woman, and explained how to mount a horse and have a firm seat in the saddle. They then experienced a horse ride through the forest. "First, I felt a little scared, because I have no horse riding experience and I don’t know how to control it. But a few minutes later, all the worries and fears disappeared, it just became a nice and calm experience to be at such close contact with these bright creatures ", - describes Svetlana Tsygypalo.

"Of course, positive emotions are important after interacting with these magnificent animals, but the main point is to believe in myself, to overcome my fears. Almost an hour after meeting these horses we were all in love with them", - says psychologist of LISOD Tatiana Pershina.

After the horse ride, a picnic was held. The women treated each other with their own delicacies they each brought, talked, and shared their impressions. "Thank you to everyone who cares about us, who has organized such a wonderful meeting. God grant us all good health, new ideas and achievements! It was unforgettable!" The members of psychological support group thanked the medical staff of LISOD.

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