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Ours are among the best!

July 5, 2019

Modern medicine, which uses complex equipment for radiation diagnostics and radiation therapy for the diagnostics and treatment of cancer, requires relevant
specialists - certified doctors trained in radiation therapy and research using radioisotope techniques. Such specialists are in the Israeli oncological Hospital LISOD.
Therefore, very often our doctors are invited to all kinds of conferences, congresses, symposia to share their experiences.

The anniversary conference of the Ukrainian Society of Radiation Oncologists (USRO), which took place last week in Poltava, was not without doctors of LISOD.

For twenty years now USRO has been promoting the professional level of radiation therapists, organizing and conducting specialized events. Their goal is to popularize
information about effective methods of cancer treatment, to highlight innovative methods of radiological diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors.

“This year I presented two reports on current topics related to modern breast cancer treatment and cervical cancer treatment,” says Marina Sokolovskaya, a radiation therapist. “I focused on the important nuances of radiotherapy for the above-mentioned pathologies in our Hospital”.

The report of Marina Vyacheslavovna caused a real stir among the participants of the event. There was a heated discussion, and questions and positive feedback were heard for a long time in the hall where the conference was held. In conclusion, the leadership of the Ukrainian Society of Radiation Oncologists rewarded the best doctors in this field.

“It is very pleasant to be among the first-class specialists of Ukraine!” Marina Vyacheslavovna says with delight, having received an honorary diploma of USRO. “Thanks to the organizers of the conference for the opportunity to share experience, for the difference and the excellent organization of the event!”

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