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On the Way to the Gold Standard of Psycho-oncology

December 28, 2018

Psychological support of cancer patients is an integral part of a comprehensive approach to the treatment of cancer worldwide. This is both a help in accepting the diagnosis and in adapting the patient and his relatives to the different stages of treatment. As well as work with the emotional state of the patient and his support in finding solutions to problems associated with changes in the usual way of life.

Since the opening of Hospital of Israeli Oncology LISOD, the issue of psychological support for patients has been given special attention. Its staff consists of experienced psychologists who work with patients in all departments of the hospital on daily basis, conduct open thematic events, and also share experience with colleagues, revealing the secrets of the profession. 

Several years ago LISOD psychologists became one of the first in Ukraine members of IPOS – International Psycho-Oncological Society which unites onco-psychologists from all over the world, accumulates theoretical and practical data in the field of psycho-oncology and assists in distribution of clear and effective algorithms for cancer patients at different stages of treatment. The society regularly organizes various events for its members, provides online learning, access to scientific libraries and the opportunity to communicate with fellow onco-psychologists from around the world.

According to psychologist Iya Slabinskaya membership in IPOS gives the opportunity to be “on the edge” of science and practice. This is the gold standard of psycho-oncology which we have to look to and which we need to constantly strive for.

These days LISOD psychologists Iya Slabinskaya, Yanina Dzyuba, Taras Matiyash once again confirmed their membership in IPOS for 2019. Congratulations to our onco-psychologists on this event and wish them strength, energy and creative inspiration in their hard work on the way of healing human souls!

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