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Modern endoscopy is for everyone, not just the bravest

September 16, 2019

With the availability of modern equipment, compliance with the standards of sanitization of instruments, highly qualified medical personnel, the above procedures can and should be carried out comfortably, quickly and not leave negative memories.

This is how research is conducted at LISOD, and this most of all struck the participant of the master class, endoscopist of the Vinnitsa Oncology Center Andrei Zolotarenko. “This is my first time at your hospital,- says Andrei Vasilievich. - And much of what was shown at the master class by the head of the department of diagnostic and interventional endoscopy Vadim Korpjak today, I also saw the first time. Colonoscopy in LISOD is carried out using a digital video endoscope, which allows you to detect any abnormalities. It is also very important that, if necessary, during the examination, you can painlessly take fragments of suspicious tissue or remove polyps for a detailed laboratory analysis."

Andrei Zolotarenko also emphasized the importance of using “short drug sleep” during endoscopic examinations. This greatly simplifies the procedure: the patient during it sleeps and does not experience any unpleasant sensations, and the awakening is easy and without side effects. In turn, the doctor has the opportunity to thoroughly conduct a study.

- I work in a government institution, where each specialist is a “separate link, a Vinnitsa specialist shares his observations.And having visited your institution, I realized how efficiently coordinated teamwork of all specialists can be. I am grateful for the two days spent in the endoscopy room, under the guidance of Vadim Stepanovich. The experience that I got here will be a huge incentive for self-development and self-realization".

 And we want to remind you that it is completely painless to go through various endoscopic examinations in LISOD. Regular examinations are a way to maintain health.


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