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Master Сlass By Sergey Baido in Eastern Kazakhstan – What Have a Renowed European Surgeon Taught Colleagues About?

August 30, 2017 - NEWS

It is extremely important that as many surgeons as possible many countries acquire the skills perform the laparoscopic method, especially when it comes to volumetric cancer surgeries.

It is precisely in order to share the experience of less-traumatic surgeries of rectal cancer with Kazakhstan colleagues, that leading LISOD surgeon Sergey Baido conducted a master-class on laparoscopic coloproctology for them.

The master class took place from August 22nd to 26th in the regional oncology centre of Ust-Kamenogorsk. Baido delivered a lecture on contemporary low-invasive surgeries and performed, together with his Eastern-Kazakhstan colleagues, some of the most complex laparoscopic surgeries to remove malignant tumours from the rectum.

"Everything has changed for patients with the arrival of laparoscopy", Sergey Baido said, "and today it is not necessary to destroy the abdominal or thoracic wall to remove the tumour or the affected organ. After several centeses you can insert special tools and make the necessary manipulations, and we get the image of the internal organs on the monitor with the help of a video camera, which offers multiple zooming."

To learn more about the master-class by Sergey Baido, watch a report from Kazakhstan. 

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