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Listen, know and act!

January 29, 2019

Expert of LISOD Hospital of Israeli Oncology, specialist on breast diseases diagnostics, radiotherapist Daria Vinnytska was a guest in the studio of radio-station “Voice of the Capital” yesterday. The importance of regular investigations and methods that allow setting a diagnosis in an exact way have been discussed in live broadcast.

Daria Konstantinovna spoke about the factors and reasons of breast cancer appearance. In particular she emphasized that long intake of hormonal medications (including hormonal substituting therapy), BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes mutations increase the probability of tumors appearance.

The older the woman, the higher the risk of breast cancer development, but it may appear in young age as well. That is why it is so important to pass the planned research – breast screenings. For women over 40 this is mammography, under 40 – USI.

It is very simple, does not take much time and allows answering a lot of questions that appear, - Daria Vinnytska noted. – As every year we celebrate a birthday, every year a loving and self-respecting woman should ideally undergo an examination. Depending on age the quantity and quality of investigations may change, but once per year if there are no claims it is an optimal time in order not to miss any changes”.

Darya Konstantinovna told about the techniques that are used to diagnose diseases of the breast. She specified that separate investigations do not exclude but complement each other. “As of today there is no technique, that would allow us to check the breast and answer all the questions, - radiotherapist said. – That is why mammography exists as a standard for examining women to detect early stage breast cancer. There is an ultrasound examination carried out at any age, but it does not see everything, unfortunately. There is magnetic resonance imaging, which allows you to identify some abnormalities, to see increased blood flow, but again - we evaluate everything in general”.

The majority of women do not dare to register for mammography, fearing excessive exposure. But you should know that this examination is safe and informative at the same time.

Most recently there appeared a unique mammography device Giotto Class with tomosynthesis function in LISOD. The technique of mammography has not changed, it is an X-ray study in various projections to search for changes in the breast tissues.

Tomosynthesis is an additional option prescribed by the doctor in order to receive by-the-slice breast images. “In a loose way tomosynthesis is like computer tomography of one organ in one projection. Meaning, we divide the breast image onto a lot of parts – the diagnostician noted. – The uniqueness of the device that appeared in LISOD is in its safety and clear picture, and for me this is very important. In order to find everything on time I have to see everything on time. Tomosynthesis allows seeing any changes in a more detailed way. Roentgenologic tube makes a lot of shots during micro-stops. Radiation is compatible with usual mammography”.

Daria Vinnytska spoke about the importance of biopsy for setting a correct diagnosis. Besides the expert focused the attention of the listeners that a biopsy should be carried out in a proper way, because only in this way can a false-positive or false-negative result be avoided.

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