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“LISOD-online”: we are next to you in order to help!

February 4, 2019

If a person suspects cancer or is diagnosed with cancer, he has a million questions that he really wants to get an answer. How to treat? Where to begin? Is surgery necessary? Will chemotherapy help? Is it possible to do without radiation? What medications are more efficient?

Sometimes it seems that there is no way out, and information is gathered everywhere: the Internet, friends and acquaintances – any reference is worth its weight in gold. But very often the data obtained is fragmentary, ambiguous and contradictory. At such moments, it is important to hear the opinion of professionals to exhale, calm down and begin the path to recovery.

LISOD specialists are always next to the people who need help. We together with you are striving for victory over cancer! And the “LISOD-online” project is our way of showing you that you are not alone on this path. We regularly invite the best experts who answer vital questions on the air.

On February 2, our leading doctors – a world-renowned oncogynecologist, chief medical officer of LISOD Israeli oncology Hospital, professor Alla Vinnytska and clinical oncologist, chemotherapist Andriy Saulov took part in the program. More than 70 questions were considered in 2 hours! At the same time, everyone who applied received a clear and detailed answer in order to understand in what direction to go.

Alla Borisovna helped the audience to understand the issues about women’s health. Listeners asked to explain how to act in case of a particular diagnosis, the topics covered include the pre-cancer states treatment, prevention of cervical cancer, probability of cancer, if they are diagnosed in close relatives.

Andriy Saulov reviewed many specific clinical situations and explained the tactics of action in various oncopathologies – throat tumors, kidneys cancer, breast, testicles, etc.

You can watch the replay of the program via the link:

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