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LISOD: Everyone in His Place

May 8, 2019

“I am at the master class for the third time at Sergey Baido, and I feel a great desire to observe the work of the virtuoso of laparoscopy again and again,” says Andrei
Kovalenko, Ph.D., doctor of the highest category, surgeon of the Center for Liver Surgery, bile ducts, pancreas named after V.S. Zemskov, on the basis of the KCCH number 10, Kiev.

Andrey Petrovich is sure that such events give invaluable experience to all surgeons: both those who already apply in their practice laparoscopic interventions, and those who only dream to learn the ropes of this highly complicated art.

- The knowledge that Sergey Baido shares is extremely important for a surgical specialist. Indeed, as practice shows, in the work of the surgeon at any time a situation may occur when you need to quickly make a decision on which the patient’s life may depend. Sergey Viktorovich teaches this too!

Andrei Kovalenko also notes the great importance of the fact that Sergey Baido has his own know-how and methods, which in some cases differ from generally accepted standards. At the same time, they are much more efficient: thanks to them, the time of the operation is accelerated, the work of assistants and nurses, etc., is facilitated.

- Probably, it depends on Sergey Viktorovich’s experience and aspiration not to stop there. Constant accumulation of new information gives him the opportunity not to avoid bold ideas, decisions and create his own methods. And this is quite a difficult task and it is not achieved in one year!

Andrei Petrovich was also struck by the well-coordinated work of the entire operating team:

- The assistant acts as an operating doctor, the nurses - as an assistant ... The work is so harmonious and fulfilled that even words are not needed, just a glance is enough. I would compare it with the most complicated mechanism, in which there are a lot of gears, pistons, but everything is smooth, without hesitation and stops. Everyone clearly knows their functions and performs them at lightning speed. Such consistency and a reasonable distribution of responsibilities also affect the
quality and speed of work. Before visiting your hospital, I heard a lot of good reviews about LISOD. And being here I realized what the secret of success is - teamwork. Because it is almost impossible to do something useful on their own - one is not a warrior in the field.

Attitude to work at all is different. Some people perform their professional duties because of their habits and needs, others truly enjoy the process itself and the results of such activities. In LISOD, everyone understands that he is in his place!

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