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Kyoto: traditions plus innovations

September 17, 2018

Last Saturday and Sunday in the beautiful historical city of Kyoto, the 17th meeting of the International gynecological cancer society - IGCS 2018 - was held. According to the tradition of previous meetings, at the event the latest achievements of medicine and international research in the field of oncogynecology were discussed. The IGCS 2018 program covers information related to innovative developments in surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy. Discussions were held on the psychosocial, socioeconomic and sexual aspects of the treatment of gynecological oncological diseases, as well as on palliative help and care.

IGCS 2018 was attended by oncogynecologists from around the world, talking about their experiences, participating in discussions and reports. The delegation of the LISOD Hospital presented at the meeting a poster report on laparoscopic treatment of urinary tract injuries during laparoscopic radical hysterectomy with cervical cancer.

The event organizers are sure that the possibility to exchange the ideas is very important. Besides, such meetings allow forming new and supporting existing connections in medical environment, and this also contributes to widening horizons and knowledge.

Probably, it is not incidentally that the organizers chose Kyoto as a venue. This is an ancient city preserving traditions of Japanese culture for more than a thousand years. At the same time it is open to innovations, ultramodern universities and research centers function here.  It is also important to combine traditional treatment, which has proved its efficiency, with new possibilities, with the latest achievements. All these are important and serious steps in the victory over cancer. 

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