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Invisible Disease to Be Aware Of

November 28, 2019

A transparent ribbon initially was the symbol of the disease – invisible on the clothes, as well as a dangerous tumor in the body. Quite often the disease is revealed at the 4th stage, and even the most modern medications in such a situation are not always efficient.

 With time for drawing attention the colour changed for pearl, but still until now few people know what this sign means. And we would like to remind you the main facts.

 * A lot of people are sure that if they do not smoke, then lung cancer does not threaten them. Unfortunately, it makes no difference for the disease whether you are a man or a woman, whether you smoke or not. Everybody is in the risk zone.

 * Fluorography or lungs X-ray are not informative for the disease diagnostics. As a screening it is recommended to perform computer tomography.

* Main symptoms of the disease:

 - long-lasting cough, sometimes — with bloodstreaks;

 - pain in chest, shoulder, which can intensify with a deep breath, cough;

 - shortness of breath;

 - appetite and weight loss;

 - weakness.

 These symptoms may be accompanied with other diseases, that is why it is very important to address the specialist in order to figure out the reason of state deterioration.

 To decrease the disease risk, quit smoking and avoid the passive smoking. Pass through examinations on the regular basis, and if there are some suspicious symptoms — go through diagnostics in an obligatory way. And share the important information with the friends!


Apply for a consultation or diagnostics in  LISOD:

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