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In the constellation of the best. Cancer Medical Triathlon

June 11, 2019

For people uninitiated, triathlon looks like a competition of supermen who, in the framework of a competition, have to swim, run and ride a great number of kilometers on a bicycle. One thing is clear: without many years of training, this distance cannot be covered.

But not only athletes are able to measure themselves against the “heroic strength”. The VII International Conference on Medical Triathlon in the diagnosis and treatment of
breast cancer was held the other day in Bucharest (Romania). A whole constellation of world famous oncologists, surgeons, plastic surgeons and other specialists has gathered to compete in approaches and skills, to prove their point of view. To achieve success, each of the experts, as a true Olympic champion, needed years of practice and learning all the most important and relevant about the treatment of breast cancer. We are especially proud that the oncologist, surgeon, head of the LISOD Center for Contemporary Breast Medicine Andrii Zyigulin has become the only speaker from Ukraine.

The conference addressed three main topics: sentinel lymph node surgery; oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgery; neoadjuvant therapy for breast cancer. Andrei
Valentinovich presented two reports - and shared his experience in performing oncoplastic surgeries, and also spoke about the features of surgery after neoadjuvant breast cancer treatment.

“Bucharest Breast Conference 2019. Very interesting program and hot discussions! - shared his impressions Andrii Zhygulin. “It`s always great to meet old and new friends and feel the fantastic atmosphere in Romania!”

At the finish line of a medical triathlon, all participants were awaited by standing ovations. Of course, none of the experts is going to stop there; after all, only intensive practice, the use of new technologies and the study of research results help to defeat cancer. In oncology, the main prize is not a cup or a medal. The main victory for the doctor is the patient's health, his full life without cancer and without fear for tomorrow.

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