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In New Year – with new opportunities!

January 10, 2019

In January 2019 a digital mammography device of the last generation Giotto Class was installed. This is an expert level device, produced just a very short while ago – in December 2018 in Italy, at IMS plant. For more than 40 years, a unique enterprise has exclusively produced premium class mammography devices, which are respected in the medical world and are ahead of their competitors in innovation and quality.

We may proudly state that the model purchased for LISOD has not been used yet in any healthcare facility of Ukraine. As of today this is the most modern mammography device, making it possible for the doctors to diagnose breast diseases, including early stages of cancer, in the most efficient way.

The most important in our work is the quality of images, since the level of diagnostics depends directly on them. And now, thanks to the new equipment, we are moving to a completely different level of visualization, - says LISOD radiotherapist, specialist on breast diseases diagnostics Darya Vinnytska. – It differs from the other models of Giotto Class by the availability of tomosynthesis function, with which we receive by the slice breast images. Technical peculiarities of devices and availability of special filters allow protecting the patient from radiation exposure, which is much less than that of mammography devices with tomosynthesis from other brands”.

How does digital breast tomosynthesis happen? The breast image in a particular projection is made. If the doctor sees something suspicious, the additional option of tomosynthesis is connected. The X-ray tube rotates around the breast in an arc and takes a series of shots, which are then processed by a computer and merged into a video loop. “We carefully study each slice and approve or disprove the presence of breast tumors, define their location, and also specify characteristics, for example, the contours they have – even, clear or not, etc. – Darya Vinnytska explains – Traditional mammographic examination does not always make it possible to detect small tumors in the tissues of the gland with a dense structure, characteristic of a young age. And to specify the diagnosis previously it was necessary to additionally carry out an ultrasound or MRI. Tomosynthesis provides the possibility of a more exact and earlier cancer diagnostics as far as it gives detailed slice-by-slice images of the whole breast from skin to skin, though it does not replace other methods of diagnostics”.

In mammography devices of other manufacturers the tube of the machine moves constantly and constantly irradiates the gland. Giotto Class uses another technology. “Due to the fact that the images are performed during the micro stop, a clearer picture is obtained - and this is the main plus for the doctor – and here is the main advantage for the doctor, - the radiologist says. – For the patient it is very important that high resolution of mammography device allows detecting the slightest deviation from the norm. And there is no breast size limit. The procedure is quick and comfortable for women”.

Such research is just necessary for setting the right diagnosis and determination of further tactics. After all, a suspicious induration of a small size that cannot be felt by hands will be clearly visible on the screen. It is convenient that under the control of a mammography device it is possible to take a tissue sample for histological processing even from a small tumor (stereotactic biopsy).

If the tumor is benign, it can be limited to observation. But when confirming the diagnosis of "breast cancer" is better not to lose precious time.

We remind you that screening with the help of a mammography device is recommended to pass annually for all the women older than 40, and in case of availability of medical history in the family – after 35.

If a woman has found an induration in her breast, an increase in axillary lymph nodes, changes in the skin or discharge from the nipple, the diagnosis should be made as soon as possible. Thanks to Giotto Class, doctors will have more opportunity to detect breast cancer and successfully cure it.

Arrange a visit for diagnostics or screening:

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