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If ahead - radiation therapy

June 23, 2020

The radiation that the patient receives in the treatment of cancer is practically safe for him and in most cases does not seriously harm his health. The purpose of radiation is to destroy cancer cells and prevent them from multiplying. However, radiation can affect healthy cells and cause side effects. This is explained by the effect of radiation: when penetrated into the skin, gamma particles destroy the structure of cells. At the same time, cancer cells die, and healthy cells are not so sensitive to destructive effects and can recover. This is the main benefit of radiation therapy.

 Now I would like to answer the questions that patients and their relatives often ask us to find out what "pitfalls" can await them.

 Are radiation therapy sessions painful?

 No, a person feels heat in the place of radiation. Over time, the skin in this place may become dry, burns may appear on it. But this is not an indication for stopping treatment.

 If burns occur, how to treat them? Can they be deep?

The appearance of deep burns is unlikely. Redness, burning and itching may occur on the skin, as happens when you “burn” in the sun. Redness should be greased with a fat cream (but not with the usual perfume, but with a special one, against burns; sea buckthorn oil or fish oil also helps).

 Can hair fall out?

 No, the hair is not damaged when irradiated. People often confuse the effects of chemotherapy (when such a side effect is possible) and radiation therapy. Radiation therapy is applied only locally — its effect is limited to a specific area of the body. Partial hair loss is possible with brain irradiation.

 Can healthy tissues be affected by exposure?

 The technical capabilities of the equipment make it possible to choose the most effective irradiation regime and minimize the effect on healthy tissues and organs. For radiation therapy, LISOD uses linear accelerators with a three-dimensional planning system manufactured by Varian (USA). These are special installations, thanks to which a beam of photons of the desired shape and energy is formed in order to irradiate the tumor as much as possible and minimize damage to surrounding tissues.

 If you have radiation therapy ahead, then:

 It is necessary to eat properly and in no case to starve. The diet should be vegetables and fruits in sufficient quantities. Water must enter the body: drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day. Do not forget about daily walks, because fresh air is very useful. And no matter what, keep a positive attitude - remember that all difficulties are temporary!

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