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How was the conference "Personalized Target Therapy and Immunotherapy of Cancer: From Basic Science to Clinical Application" Held? In an Interesting and Beneficial Way!

October 23, 2017 - NEWS

See the photo report, check this out for yourself.

How was the conference "Personalized Target Therapy and immunotherapy of Cancer: from basic science to clinical application" held? In an interesting and beneficial way! (29 photos)


October 23, 2017

We are living in era of molecular biology and genetics today. It is genetics that guides us in the right way regarding how to treat oncologic diseases which were considered as incurable several years ago. Doctors and scientists continue to develop new methods and drugs which allow aligning treatments with individual needs of each patient. This was exactly the point for discussion at the conference "Personalized Target Therapy and Immunotherapy of Cancer: From Basic Science to Clinical Application".

The forum was held on October 20th and became one of the liveliest events in the Ukrainian medical community. The main speakers were worldwide famous Israeli oncologists, and more than 270 participants from the different cities of Ukraine. Much interest of the audience was caused by the conference subject. For the first time in Ukraine they have been speaking openly and in detail about mechanisms of action and opportunities of the up-to-date methods of cancer treatment — targeted therapy and immunotherapy.

The main speaker of the forum was Professor Yosef Yarden with the report "Scientific Base of Target Therapy and Immunotherapy". Professor Yarden spoke about the history of immunotherapy development and how new drugs help the patient’s immune system to catch mutations in the body and, thus, to distinguish the cancer cell and destroy it.

The information mentioned in the scientist's report has huge value for doctors today. Indeed, Yosef Yarden was one of the originators of immunotherapy. Many discoveries in this area belong to him, and he justifiably received the highest Israeli award for scientific achievements in 2017. The famous oncologist Professor Abraham Kuten, who presented the speakers, said the following about Professor Yarden: "When people talk about immunotherapy and target therapy, they always, at all conferences, quote Yosef Yarden, refer to his researches and to his works which led us to the fact that today we have an opportunity to perform treatment with biological agents. Due to these drugs, we can significantly reduce progression of such terrible diseases as lung cancer and melanoma and to prolong a patient's life for years."

Israeli doctor Avivit Peer devoted her report to the target therapy and the immunotherapy of urological cancer. The doctor emphasized complex treatment of renal cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer at which other methods are added to immunotherapy. "We work step by step, we already have good results", Dr. Peer noted, "I am an optimist and I believe that in a while we will be able to eradicate this type of cancer completely."

One of leading Israeli lung cancer experts doctor Mor Moskovitz spoke about immunotherapy application at this widespread disease treatment, and about methods and approaches at metastatic and primary lung cancer. The clinical case of skin melanoma treatment with immunotherapy application was presented by head of LISOD chemotherapy unit doctor Victoria Kosinova and head of the radiodiagnostic unit doctor Nikolay Novikov. The doctors vividly illustrated to colleagues how the usage of PET-CT examination and immunotherapy led to good results and positive dynamics.

Commenting on his colleagues’ reports, professor Yarden emphasized that today immunotherapy is the most effective treatment for melanoma. "Melanoma has many mutations", Yarden explains, "and if there are several mutations, it is more simple for the immune system to define them than if the cell mutation is singular."

Professor Yarden considers the application of combined treatment, when the tumour is attacked in all directions using chemotherapy, target therapy, immunotherapy and radiotherapy as the optimal solution to fight cancer. If these methods work together, the efficiency of treatment increases.

"Immunotherapy and targeted therapy is the new approach, the breakthrough in molecular biology which offers new types of treatment and is widely used all over the world. Ukraine is not an exception", explains the managing partner of The Hospital of Israeli Oncology, Michael Amsel. "The conference showed how successful this therapy was. We also apply it in LISOD. We have already held dozens of master classes and conferences; we share our experience and practices openly and liberally. We will continue to hold conferences in the future, and will invite the famous experts so that Ukrainian doctors will be able to use the most advanced achievements of a world oncology in practice."

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