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Get Rid of Doubts and Worries – Consultations by a LISOD Oncologist

August 5, 2015 - NEWS

We recommend that you contact the experienced professionals at any stage with any exciting challenge.

If there are any alarming symptoms, immediately book a consultation. The doctor will either exclude cancer or reveal the illness at an early stage when there is a high chance of a complete cure. There is nothing worse than uncertainty. Even if you have been treated in another medical facility, get a second opinion, and with it, make the medical process perfectly clear - verify the diagnosis and make sure you are treated properly.

Be aware that due to the early diagnostics and adequate quality treatment in recent years the number of recovered cancer patients significantly increased, at times reduced the number of relapses, increased life expectancy of patients with advanced stages.

An advisory consultation includes: the initial consultation, which is an examination and an analysis of the patient's medical records and a multidisciplinary consultation with specialists from different spheres regarding the results of the diagnostics, and a second consultation to obtain a conclusion where, if necessary, a treatment plan will be described.

Doctors of the Israeli Oncology Hospital act only in accordance with international standards - for each case an optimal treatment strategy is worked out.

For information on a specialist’s consultation and to make an appointment, contact the information centre of LISOD at 0-800-500-110 - free line for calls from fixed phones in Ukraine; 38 (044) 520-94-00 - daily from 09:00 to 20:00.

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