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Get Ahead of the Enemy by a Few Steps!

July 5, 2019

We will not tire of repeating that cancer can be cured. But this is not a victory, on the way to which all means are good. Cancer is an insidious adversary, and only
adherence to certain rules will help "put it on the shoulder blade."

  •  Early Detection 

The earlier a disease is diagnosed, the higher the chances of remission or long-term survival. Do not ignore symptoms that may indicate a serious illness. Regularly undergo screenings - develop a good habit to monitor the state of health. You can learn more about screening programs in LISOD at

  • Address a Clinical Oncologist

If you suspect cancer, it is better to turn not to a surgeon or chemotherapist, but to consult with a clinical oncologist or oncogynecologist (if we are talking about gynecology). The clinical oncologist sees a picture of the disease entirely and acts as a coordinator, recommending the correct treatment plan. In the Israeli Oncological Hospital LISOD, the treatment plan is drawn up by a board of doctors - specialists of different directions, who act in accordance with international protocols.
Individually for each clinical case, methods and drugs that can be effective are selected.

  • Look for a team of specialists who successfully treat cancer

Cancer treatment, as a rule, is always complex and requires the organized work of a team of doctors. Therefore, it is better to look not for a single oncologist, but for a hospital in which there are opportunities for a comprehensive diagnostics and effective treatment of cancer.

  • Get another opinion

You should not feel embarrassed, asking the opinion of other specialists about your situation. When it comes to cancer, it is vital to know the exact diagnosis and get
the right treatment. Therefore, listen to the opinion of several doctors and make sure that you are on the right track.

  • Learn all about your type of cancer

Owning information about the disease, you will feel more confident. Ask questions to your doctor, look for information on medical sites. Studies show that a responsible attitude towards treatment allows you to achieve a better result.

  • Trust traditional medicine

Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy - methods that have long proven to be effective in the treatment of oncopathology. Every year the possibilities
of traditional medicine are expanding, the accuracy and effectiveness is increased. With the advent of targeted and immunotherapy, treatment is becoming more individualized and targeted. Do not waste time on “unconventional treatment”: this path will not lead you to the winner’s cup.

  • Keep optimistic and looking for support

In treating cancer, a positive attitude is very important. Of course, only positive is not enough, but it is an important factor for success. Therefore, live a full life: love,
create, admire and enjoy! Seek support from friends and family, in the communities of health-improving cancer patients. Do light exercises, walk a lot, eat healthy foods. Have sessions with a psychologist and never let fear guide you!

Sign up for a consultation in LISOD:
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