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French cases - in the money box of knowledge of LISOD team

June 6, 2019

To become the best, you need to learn from the best. This is known to specialists in any field. In medicine, this is especially important. In order for the treatment to be
as effective as possible, the doctor must constantly improve, study the latest technologies and put them into practice.

Yesterday the surgeon, endoscopist, head of the department of diagnostic and interventional endoscopy of LISOD Vadim Korpyak spent an interesting day. He was lucky to become one of the five participants of the master class on radiofrequency ablation of pancreatic and bile duct tumors, which was held in Lyon (France).

Private clinic Jean Mermoz is known for the most advanced technologies used to treat patients with pancreatic cancer. Dr. Bertrand Napoleon, who led the master class, is a gastroenterologist, a specialist in diseases of the digestive organs, and a participant in numerous studies, both French and international. This allowed the Jean Mermoz clinic to become a center specializing in the treatment of rare diseases of the pancreas. The team of the medical institution consists of internationally recognized experts in all areas of gastrointestinal endoscopy (endoUSI, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, endoscopic mucosal resections and submucosa dissection).

“Busy day, difficult cases, #ERCP #EUS #RFA together with the colleagues from Spain, Israel, the USA and Norway, - Vadim Stepanovich shared his impressions. – Thanks to the organizers and the performer Dr. Napoleon. There is something to think about, what to implement, where to move and what to change for the best in our work!”

It is pleasant to realize that the money box of LISOD team knowledge is constantly growing. The level of patient care is increasing all the time, modern technologies and the most effective medications are applied. And it is also remarkable that doctors are not going to stop there, because the limits for perfection simply do not exist!

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