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Free consultation of Nava Siegelmann-Danieli

October 7, 2021

Then don't miss the next LISOD online and send your questions!

October is a special month. We used to associate it with yellow leaves and cups of fragrant coffee. But in recent years, a pink wave has been rising around the world at this time: campaigns are being launched to prevent and treat breast cancer. In Ukraine, this topic is especially relevant, because every year about 15 thousand women hear such a diagnosis. And to understand the correctness of appointments and recommendations - it's not easy. That is why in the next issue of our project we will talk about everything that worries patients with breast cancer.

We are sure that you will easily recognize the guest of the broadcast: the doctor has already answered the questions of LISOD-online viewers. However, after the previous release, we received a lot of requests to once again invite the speaker to the project. So again you have a chance to hear the opinion of the most authoritative expert!

Our expert

Nava Siegelmann-Danieli (Israel) is the chief oncologist of the Israeli health care system Maccabi. Specialist in clinical oncology and treatment of diseases of internal organs. Member of international medical organizations.

The doctor is directly involved in the treatment of breast cancer, as well as examines various aspects of this disease.

Priority activities of Nava Siegelmann-Danieli:

  •  breast cancer, nature and features of the disease;
  •  causes of the disease;

            - the role of genetic factors;
            - hormonal drugs as a risk factor;

  •  features of breast tumors, in particular molecular genetic;
  •  targeted therapy for breast cancer;
  •  follow-up examinations of patients in remission, etc.

About LISOD-online

Our project helps to orient people who have been diagnosed with cancer and their relatives. The guests of the air consider each received question and outline in which direction the patient needs to move to get the best results. However, given the limited information that a doctor receives on the air, such recommendations are not definitive.

Detailed tactics of treatment for a particular person can be given only by a consultation of doctors after studying all medical records and examination of the patient.

Please note: self-medication can be dangerous to health!

Who can participate?

Anyone interested in the causes of breast cancer and current treatment options for this disease.

How to participate?

No need to go anywhere. Write us a question as soon as possible - and wait for the answer on our page. The program will be broadcast online.

Pay attention! No need to send photos of documents. The specialist will not receive them. Briefly describe the situation, indicate the complete diagnosis. And don't forget to write what specifically interests you.

Where and when?

Questions are accepted soon. It will be impossible to ask questions during the broadcast. The expert's answers in video format will be posted on our social networks in October (follow the updated information on the official LISOD pages on Facebook and Instagram).

How much does it cost?

Participation is free of charge.

Where to send questions?

To the e-mail marked "Questions for LISOD-online". You can also write a comment under this post or send us a personal message.

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