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ESMO 2018: about last achievements in onology. to know and bring into action

October 29, 2018

“The congress of the European Society of Medical Oncologists ESMO annually gathers oncologists from all over the world to exchange information on new developments, trends and tendencies in the treatment of cancer patients”, - Alla Vinnytska, Chief Medical Officer of LISOD Hospital, leading oncogynecologist, told. This year the Congress was held in Munich (Germany). And five leading doctors of LISOD took part in it – Chief Medical Officer Alla Vinnytska, Israeli clinical oncologist Zvi Bernstein, Head of Chemotherapy Unit Victoria Kosinova, chemotherapist Olga Polyah and general practitioner Olga Soloshenko.

ESMO gathered this year more than 20 thousand participants from more than 130 countries of the world – doctors, scientists and research workers, lawyers, journalists, pharmacists. The event turned out to be a real multidisciplinary platform for education, experience and data exchange, demonstration of investigations results.

During five days more than two thousand scientific reports on immunotherapy, technologies of future, biomarkers, basic investigations, cancer prevention were presented in Munich. Despite hundreds of discussed aspects there are common conclusions which can be made by the results of the event. One of the most perspective directions in cancer treatment for today is immunotherapy. And if previously it was prescribed to the patients who have exhausted other treatment options, now they start applying it as first line therapy. Investigators look into the future with optimism and hope that the list of efficient medications will be only widening and the cost will be affordable to the majority of cancer patients.

It is very important for LISOD doctors to be present at such huge events, as it gives the possibility to get a grasp on all recent trends of modern oncology in order to apply them practically. We were pleased that we absolutely meet all the standards and global tendencies that are relevant and leading in the world today,” said Victoria Kosinova, Head of the Chemotherapy Unit, oncohematologist, and chemotherapist. — As of today, immunotherapy is leading in the treatment of cancer, and we are among those who have the most experience in this field in Ukraine, it is pleasant to realize this. We are glad that all the information regarding immunotherapy, immunocellular therapy is available to us, in LISOD it is successfully implemented into practical recommendations.

Мы можем отставать от остального мира только по причине каких-то организационных проблем — к примеру, если какие-то препараты не зарегистрированы в Украине. В целом же нам было интересно на всех сессиях конгресса, которые мы посетили».

В лечении онкологических заболеваний открытия совершаются каждый день. Врачам из всех стран очень важно держать руку «на пульсе», применяя только эффективные препараты и методы. Это даст миллионам пациентов по всему миру шансы не только на продление жизни, но и на полное восстановление здоровья.

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