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Equipment or specialist?

April 15, 2021

Explains the famous scientist, Israeli clinical oncologist, chairman of the Israel Association for the fight against cancer, member of the executive board of AROME, head of the board of consultants of the Israeli Oncology Hospital LISOD Professor Abraham Kuten:

— One can argue on this topic for a long time, but I am sure that the result of treatment fully depends on the quality of the equipment and on the knowledge of the doctors.

The capabilities of most linear accelerators are much broader than those of older equipment. We have VARIAN linear accelerators installed at LISOD, including the latest generation Halcyon. This gives us the ability to treat any type of cancer.

In addition, we have a whole team of specialists who ensure the accuracy and safety of treatment. This team includes:

  • Radiotherapist (radiation therapist). He has perfect knowledge of oncology and anatomy. Calculates the doses required for the treatment, as well as the acceptable doses for healthy tissues. Determines which radiation therapy technologies are needed in a particular case. Indicates the number of sessions required.
  • Medical physicist. Controls the delivery of the radiation dose to the tumor. Calculates the required dose and its distribution. Determines the direction and angles of energy, the shape of the irradiation field. Provides radiation protection for the patient, all personnel and the environment.
  • Technologist. Provides a critical assessment of the performance of the linear accelerator itself. Prevents errors in equipment operation.
  • Nurses. Provide supportive care. Know how to prevent and treat side effects.

I want to emphasize: we have everything for high-quality, safe and effective treatment. Do not rely only on the equipment: if the hospital does not have an experienced multifunctional team of specialists, it is better not to irradiate in such a place. The goal of radiation therapy is to heal, but if done incorrectly, it can be dangerous. Imagine that you have a Boeing of the latest model, but there is no pilot to fly it. Is it possible in this case to take off safely and hope for a successful landing? Definitely — no!

Radiation therapy is a high technology that must be managed by a team of professionals. In this case, the treatment performed will benefit the patient.

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