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Endoscopy - we are proactive

April 4, 2019

One of the most promising methods of treatment and diagnostics of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract is endoscopic surgery. Endoscopy allows to see suspicious formations in the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, large intestine with high accuracy, perform a biopsy (take parts of the mucous membrane for histological examination), and also remove the altered area so that the patient can avoid serious illness and possible complicated surgery and treatment in the future.

Dmitriy Zaderigolova, chief endoscopist of the city of Cherkasy, deputy director for medical part of the First Cherkasy City Hospital, was once again convinced of this by visiting a master class at LISOD.


- It's no secret that endoscopy is the future. It can be treated differently, but the advantage of endoscopic surgeries is that they are low-trauma and give less complications. The rehabilitation process after them is much faster, - says Dmitry Zaderigolova. - I am attending the master class at Vadim Korpyak, head of the LISOD diagnostic and interventional endoscopy department, for the second time. At the first visit I was lucky enough to observe the colonoscopy and manipulation of the removal of dentate adenomas. I confess that I was amazed at the skill of Vadim Stepanovich and the high professional level of the entire staff. Then I decided that at the first opportunity I would definitely come to you again.


Therefore, when Dmitry Andreevich learned that a master class would be held again at LISOD on April 3, he immediately went for new knowledge:


- This time we “completed a course of study” on ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) — a diagnostic method that combines radiography and endoscopy and allows us to determine the causes of obstruction or stagnation of bile and pancreatic secretions, the doctor from Cherkasy shares what he sees. During the surgery, the patient had one calculus of large size and several smaller ones with their subsequent dissection and successful removal.


Dmitry Zaderigolova also noted that LISOD "is keeping up with the times," because the hospital is guided by the best global and European practice:


- This applies both to the level of knowledge of your doctors, and equipment, methods of diagnosis and treatment. The professionalism of your hospital specialists is very high even in performing routine manipulations, not to mention complicated surgeries. Ultrasound, performing ERCP with the available instruments and much more is something that is not found in other clinics in our country.


At the end of the conversation, Dmitry Andreevich confessed that he would be pleased to visit the master class at the LISOD Israeli Oncology Hospital more than once:


- Without exaggeration, I will say that Vadim Korpyak is among the three best endoscopists in Ukraine! Therefore, to observe the work of such a moderator and specialist-expert like him is just “a jackpot”. Here, the verbal explanations of this or that manipulation are superfluous, it is enough just to watch his movements and everything becomes clear at once!


We remind you that all types of endoscopic procedures are performed in LISOD.

 You can apply by calling a phone number +38 (044) 520-94-00 daily from 8 am till 8 pm.

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