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ECR 2019.To see the disease on the images. Quest for radiologists

March 2, 2019

The work of the radiologist very much resembles the task for a private detective: to see the slightest changes in the images, find out whether they are related to the patient's symptoms, put everything together and realize whether the explanation fits into the clinical picture. To suspect a diagnosis with the help of visualization methods is a task for real intellectuals, because you need to be very attentive to details and see the whole picture, not individual fragments.

From February 27 to March 3, 2019, the European Congress of Radiologists (ECR 2019) is held in the city of Vienna (Austria), which this year brought together more than 28 thousand specialists from different countries - radiologists, radiographs, physicists, equipment manufacturers and medical journalists. Currently it is one of the leading events in radiology and the largest thematic meeting in Europe.

Radiologist, head of the LISOD radiology department Nikolay Novikov became not only a listener, but also an active participant in the event. “This year it turned out to present the results of our work at the ECR 2019 section on hybrid visualization. Thank you all for your support!” Shared Nikolai Evgenievich.

Every year, diagnostic equipment is increasingly being improved, and this time the latest technical developments and the latest research results are presented at the congress. Professionals received an excellent opportunity to share their inspirational experiences, hear constructive advice, and discuss complex issues. We are proud of our colleagues who worthily represent the experience of LISOD Hospital of Israeli Oncology at the world level and are confident that the main achievements are still ahead!

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