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"Baido phenomenon" - we have something to be proud of!

November 26, 2019

- I spent three days in the operating room, watching his skillful work. The first thing that struck me was a half-word understanding of each other. This is really what is called a “team.” Work in the operating room is similar to a well-functioning mechanism, and this gives a good final result, and speeds up the work of the entire team. For example, one of the operations I attended was performed by surgeons from other institutions for 2.5-3 hours, and Sergey Viktorovich and his team performed it in less than an hour. An important point is that in LISOD, if necessary, during the operation, the endoscopic service can also be connected in parallel.

 In the opinion of Lvov doctor, any surgery is always a responsibility for the patient’s life. As well as during “open” interventions, laparoscopic surgeries are performed by a human being, and not an apparatus. Here the special tools for laparoscopy, which are “lengthening” the surgeon’s hands, are used. Though laparoscopy has evident advantages from the point of view of the results of treatment of patients, the mechanism of performing such surgeries versus the traditional ones – open, is much more complicated from the point of view of a surgeon. Laparoscopic surgery requires a high skill of the doctor and experience of work with medical equipment, which is meant for performing such surgeries.

 - I am also delighted with the work of your anesthesiology service, from the equipment, in particular, the operating table. Vertical patient elevation with simultaneous tilt to the side, his stay in this position for a long time, and not several minutes - specialists from other institutions are afraid to use such maneuvers, - Petro Ivanovich shares his impressions.  -Therefore, in the future, I would like our team of anesthetists to attend your master classes, to see firsthand that this is real and to learn such techniques.

 Petr Shevyak is also convinced that the master classes that are held at LISOD are needed by all surgeons: oncologists and non-oncologists:

 - For example, for the time being I was not interested in resection of the stomach, because we only operate on patients with benign tumors. And it seemed that I did not really need this knowledge. But recently there have been several surgical interventions where it was simply impossible to do without this manipulation. Therefore, in each operation that I observed these four days, you can find something for yourself and apply in your own practice. And I would also like to note that in the vast majority of surgeons there is a kind of division: some specialists only operate on a diaphragmatic hernia, others perform gynecological surgeries, others take only their stomachs. But the skill of Sergey Viktorovich is universal, because he operates everything! By the way, recently, such a skill in surgical circles has been called the “Baido phenomenon”, so you have something to be proud of, and we have something to strive for and work on!

 And we remind you that under the able guidance of Sergey Baido, the LISOD uses the laparoscopic method to conduct oncological and non-oncological surgeries, as well as emergency surgery of any complexity.

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